12 March, 2018

The Truth About the Identitarian Three

The United Kingdom is a very interesting place to say the least. Back in December, right-wing self-proclaimed "gonzo journalist", fellow Christian conservative, and Barbarians author Lauren Southern made a video in which merely asking Muslims questions outside a London mosque was enough to get the police called on her. In January, she interviewed "Count Dankula" ― you know, that Scottish guy with the Nazi dog ― and covered a court case in which he was persecuted by the UK government for exercising his free speech, his Nazi dog joke completely blown out of proportion. Then in February, another famous right-wing alt-media personality, Brittany Pettibone, and based gay Caolan Robertson joined Lauren to start tabling in front of a British Five Guys restaurant (we have them here in SoCal too; great burgers to say the least) with banners hanging from the table mocking Islam by stating "Allah is a gay god" in both English and Arabic.

This past Friday, March 9, 2018, Pettibone attempted to return to the UK with her boyfriend, Martin Sellner, only for both of them to be detained by British border patrol agents until Sunday. Then yesterday, March 11, 2018, the same thing happened to Lauren, only for 6 hours as opposed to 3 days. The "reasons" (which are in reality lame excuses) given for these innocent activists being locked up, however, were different for each. In  the case of Pettibone, it was for planning to interview Tommy Robinson, the activist, former English Defense League co-founder, and Enemy Of The State author, was compared to the KKK by the British police who detained her despite the fact that he's a self-proclaimed Zionist unlike the KKK which is openly anti-Semitic. In Sellner's case, it was for being a member of Generation Identity, which of course is a right-wing group, but somehow mere membership is all that it takes for the UK to go completely apeshit about it.

Lauren's case, however, is by far the most troubling. What exactly was the reasoning given for her being locked up for 6 hours? Well, it started with a reference to alleged "racist propaganda" being handed on February 24. That was the day on which the aforementioned tabling mockery of Islam's treatment of gays was being conducted, but that's the only thing that could possibly be misconstrued here. From there, she was, and this is the worst part of all, asked about her Christianity and specifically asked a loaded question with a false assumption that Christians run Muslims over with cars ― in reality, the reverse is true ― behind it. That is not only political profiling but religious profiling on top of that, making her case twice as bad as those of Pettibone and Sellner. It is exactly why I have been calling on President Trump to place sanctions on the UK for the past 12 or so hours.

But wait, wasn't that what happened in Charlottesville? A, the victims were not Muslims but American leftists, B, the guy was threatened with a gun by an armed member of Redneck Revolt, an openly communist militant group, from behind which is what made him speed up to flee only to have nowhere to go but into the crowd of opposition, and C, most importantly, James Fields' motive, as a member of Identity Evropa, was ethnic nationalism, not Christianity, and he was disavowed by the group after that incident. So was Nathan Damigo disavowed and Patrick Casey voted in to replace him, which is a good move indeed. There was however a case in the UK last summer, during the so-called Ramadan Bombathon, in which 2 Muslims were killed by a person driving a car, who did claim that opposition to the Islamization of the UK was the motivation. But how many Islamic attacks in which vehicles are used as weapons was it outnumbered by? About 20, and that's a conservative estimate.

Lauren doesn't even have a UK drivers' license, or a license anywhere else except her native Canada for that matter. She uses Uber to get around when not home, and has admitted such on video. You really think an Uber driver is going to listen to a passenger who tells him or her "Go, run those people over" instead of actually obeying the law? Not only would he or she get banned by Uber but put in jail on top of that if he or she did, and that's not a risk that any reasonable driver would want to take. And Lauren, being hands-down one of the calmest, most peaceful, most humble women I've ever met, if not the most, would never in a million years tell an Uber driver to do that.

Tomorrow, I've got a very special surprise for you all that is so top-secret I can't give out much details at all, but I will see you then. In the meantime, keep the pressure up. We Trump supporters voted for Trump for a number of reasons, but one of them was his commitment to free speech over the creeping demagoguery better known as political correctness. That creeping demagoguery is something that the UK has let take over, almost completely. It's time that we put a stop to it and actually start respecting people's right to tell people what they do not want to hear, to put it in Orwell's words, once again. That is why I, as a Trump supporter who is banking on Trump's promise to return political power "back to you, the American people" at his inaugural address, made that sanctions call in the first place. What the UK is doing here will not be tolerated one bit.