23 March, 2018

Omni-Bust: Trump's Biggest Mistake As President

Many people, especially pro-amnesty leftists, who think of Trump supporters almost instinctively also assume them to be sycophants who constantly pander to him, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Remember what he said at his inaugural address about "taking power from Washington […] and giving it back to you, the American people?" President Trump ran on a right-wing populist and civic nationalist platform. This means, among other things, opposition to globalist trade, opposition to illegal immigration (first and foremost), and policies that favor American workers over foreigners. So, when he makes a decision that causes pro-globalization, pro-amnesty far-left cultural Marxist nihilist commies like Nancy Pelosi to gloat, it's cause for concern to say the least.

That's exactly what happened when the 45th President signed the ludicrous Omnibus spending bill into law earlier today. This bill only increases border security spending by a paltry $1.6 billion and includes in it a provision that restricts the type of barrier to be funded to just a fence, not a wall, which is woefully inadequate as a border barrier because a fence is far easier to climb than a wall is. Meanwhile, it increases military spending by a whopping $700 billion (yes, that's billion with a B). Yes, we do need a strong military, but $700B is overkill if we aren't actually involved in conflict. The bill also wastes $6 billion on the National Science Foundation, $4.491329 billion on foreign aid, $30 billion on the Department of Energy, another $9 billion on 770,000 abandoned federal buildings, and, worst of all, yes, it still wastes money (albeit an unknown amount) on Planned Parenthood. Add in the amounts not disclosed by Sen. Rand Paul in his Twitter thread linked to in the introductory sentence to this paragraph, and you end up with a whopping $1.6 trillion in wasteful government spending.

No, I am absolutely not under any circumstances going to believe the "you were conned" argument coming from the very leftists who conned us with Obama, not one bit, so don't even try it on me. Every single person who has ever made this ludicrous assertion on Twitter not only is pro-amnesty ― something that more than 70% of Americans are not ― but also supports an increase in government spending, an increase in taxes, single-payer healthcare (!), and worst of all they are seemingly OK with the religion of possessive perverts, marital pedophiles, polygamists, and downright terrorists that is Islam. You who use that cliche are the very reason why I voted for Trump in the first place. You want everything that America does not. You want more open borders, more communism, and more hell that comes with all of that. Try to mess with me and you'll be sorry you did. The fact that you have the nerve to accuse me of being conned after having conned me with Obamacare, conned me with the lie that diversity is strength when in reality diversity is our weakness, and wrongly think the reductio ad Hitlerum fallacy to be a valid argument when applied to Trump, only proves just how stupid you actually are. I can see right through that BS for what it is.

Yes, I am still a Trump supporter. No, I am not a sycophant. I am courageous enough to hold him to his words at that January 20, 2017 inaugural address. Signing this bill is hypocrisy with respect to them, and when flip-flops like this happen, it's extremely important to call them out, not sit idly by and sycophantically defend them as Bill Mitchell would often do. I want him to succeed, badly. That means calling out moves that are capable of setting him up for failure. This move is one of them. The May 2017 Syria strikes were another. The offer of amnesty for illegal aliens in exchange for building the wall ― which thankfully didn't pass ― is another still. I do get that the President is under a lot of pressure, not only from cultural Marxists in the mainstream media and in the Democratic Party but also from establishment neocons who like former President George W. Bush would rather send America into another pointless war than see it succeed, but that pressure doesn't matter because it is not coming from his base. The pressure that matters is the pressure from people who voted him into that office in the first place, of whom I am one.

Mr. President, do NOT listen to anyone in the establishment on whether or not to sign legislation, I don't care how many people get turned off. Had you vetoed this and it got passed after overriding your veto, then it would have been an opportunity for members of Congress to be primaried out and more competent potential contributors to the populist agenda voted in. Signing this bill, however, means you own it. There are only 2 possible solutions at this point: Either A, we vote someone into Congress who will repeal this bill ― hopefully Erin Cruz will at least introduce something into circulation that says "the Omnibus spending bill of 2018 is hereby repealed" ― or B, we invoke Article V and convene states together in order to amend the 1-in-2-out rule into the Constitution, making the act of passing bills like this one without also repealing two previous ones unconstitutional. Either way, this is not a good move for the agenda that you ran on, not in the least bit.