24 November, 2017

No, it is Not Hypocrisy to Advocate for Traditionalism While Young and Single

Last week at the University of California, Irvine, I had the privilege and honor to meet one of the largest counter-cultural voices within my generation advocating for the abandonment of left-wing deconstructionism and the return to the family values of our parents and grandparents: Lauren Southern. Fast forward one week, and this innocent, attractive, intelligent, talented young conservative woman of God is under attack, this time from both the left and the alt-right, why, exactly? Because once again, willful ignorance of nuance has infected both wings of Western politics like the cancer that it is.

Hypocrisy by definition is deliberately and willfully acting in a manner inconsistent with one's words. It is NOT the act of advocating for a change in policy while being in a position in which practicing what one preaches is a political, cultural, religious, or financial impossibility, or, in the case of someone growing up in the complete left-wing degenerate hellhole that is Justin Trudeau's Canada (or, for that matter, Jerry Brown's California), all of the above. Finding someone within the millennial generation who is paleoconservative on most if not all policy positions is difficult enough. Finding another Christian in the millennial generation who happens to also support those issues is extremely difficult ― the millennial generation is the most Godless generation in existence, bar none, and I know that from personal experience with my peers. Being able to support oneself when the cost of living keeps skyrocketing due to mass unchecked immigration that is constantly driving up home prices while also supporting those policy positions, which are capable of getting most normies fired from their jobs if they happen to have SJW bosses (thankfully as a church employee I don't) is even more difficult still. Finding someone who is all of the above in an area culturally overrun by leftists like Toronto (or, formerly, Vancouver) is next to impossible.

Despite how much counter-cultural influence she has, Lauren is NOT a policymaker. Calling an advocate for a return to traditional family values who is exactly 2 years, 2 months, and 2 days younger than I am (source: Wikipedia) a hypocrite simply because, A, she's only 22 years old, and B, virtually all rich 30-somethings who are attracted to people her age are limousine-liberal Weinstein-esque Hollywood perverts who an intelligent conservative like her wouldn't touch in a million years, is either willfully ignorant, narcissistic, dumb, or a combination of all of those things. That, however, is exactly what those obsessed mouth-breathers are doing in the comments. My infamous blog post from September 2016 (and subsequent video remastering of it) does a brilliant job of exposing the problem of fallacious logic in politics, and here we have a case of something that is in fact on both of those lists: a false dichotomy. It's not quite the same false dichotomy that the Religion of Perverts uses, but it's still a false dichotomy regardless, and if it's a false dichotomy then it, like every other logical fallacy, must be avoided in political discourse at all costs.

Apparently none of this matters to those trolls, whose only end goal is either silencing conservatives (in the case of the left-wing ones) or attempting to deconstruct the faith of those they intend to spend the rest of their lives with (in the case of not all the alt-right ones but probably a significant portion of them). Neither of those two scenarios is even remotely worth celebrating: On one hand, whataboutism is perhaps the oldest left-wing tactic used to silence the right, having been in existence as long as communism itself has, and must therefore be defused at every available opportunity, no matter what side of politics it comes from. On the other, extreme secularism is a form of cultural Marxism in itself: class struggle of atheists vs. Christians is just as degenerate as class struggle of the proletariat vs. bourgeoisie, class struggle of woman vs. man, class struggle of trans vs. cis, or class struggle of black vs. white (the latter of which has been especially common as of late). All forms of cultural Marxism are bad, and extreme secularism is no exception to that rule ― the fact that this extreme secularism is being practiced just as commonly on some factions of the alt-right (particularly the Spencer sycophants and/or AB prison gangsters) as it is on the left is therefore especially problematic.

The bottom line is that willful ignorance of nuance is bad no matter what side of the political spectrum it comes from. I'm honestly tempted to return right back to those Liberal Logic 101 memes of 2016, because we're dealing with a case of exactly this: such obsessively binary thought that has infected politics like a cancer, to the point where the ability to even have a discussion without getting labeled has gotten increasingly more and more difficult. That's why voices of reason like Lauren are so important. In order to make a society great again, all decadence must be purged from politics on both sides, and this particular decadence manifesting as whataboutism, which began life as a left-wing tactic, mind you, is no exception to that rule.