14 August, 2017

If Babying Inner Cities is Racist, Then So is Babying Israel

Because I have been on the scene at rallies more often, I haven't taken to this blog in a while, but recently there has been an issue that the establishment has had with one speaker I met on July 9 who I have since become very good friends with. Johnny Benitez, a relatively new arrival on the new right scene but still a major player who I have been having a lot of fun at rallies with, is being accused of anti-Semitism by establishment RINOs, why, exactly? For opposing all foreign aid packages to all countries including the $38 billion handout that gets sent to Israel every year. Not only is this purely fiscal reason for wanting to cut aid to Israel not in any way motivated out of hatred for the Jewish people at all, but, given the arguments even paleocons like Dinesh D'Souza use as far as welfare dependency is concerned, the exact opposite is true.

100 years after the Civil War, Jim Crow was beginning to break down in the same way that slavery broke down. The Democratic Party, after having lost the slavery argument, passed all sorts of segregation laws meant to keep blacks held down, but that too failed. As a result, President Lyndon Baines Johnson came up with another conspiracy to keep blacks segregated in a completely different manner: through welfare dependency. As Johnson put it, blacks were to be given "just enough to quiet them down; not enough to make a difference" in exchange for "voting Democratic for the next 200 years." All they care about is their vote. They do not care about a change in their condition, and the establishment GOP has ever since then been capitalizing on this LBJ rhetoric.

Why is it, however, that the same establishment Republicans who capitalize on LBJ's conspiracy to keep blacks held down also want to keep our allies dependent on handouts? Regardless of its intended destination, a handout is still a handout. What do handouts do? They keep those whom they're handed out to dependent on them. People who are not trained to manage money wisely go out and spend it all, then beg the government for more, and the vicious cycle continues. A handout to a foreign government carries exactly the same problem. This foreign aid package does quiet Israel down, sure, but does it actually make a difference in Israel's ability to defend itself? It may temporarily, but as soon as Israel spends it all on military equipment, it all disappears. Rather than freeing Israel to defend themselves by unchaining and deregulating their own defense market, establishment Republicans want to make Israel a welfare slave to the United States.

Although Israel's foreign aid package is the largest one, it's not the only one we're dealing with, moreover, and if combined with all the other foreign aid packages that involve, for the most part, taxpayer money being shipped overseas, the result may be very well be a major contributor to our national debt, which is already outrageously high. How much of a debt contributor the packages are is unknown, but what should be noted is that this money which is being offshored to defend other nations, unlike trade deficits, is very difficult to repatriate. President Trump ran his entire campaign on putting Americans first both fiscally and socially, and made repatriation of overseas money a very significant priority when it comes to doing that. If that is the case, then why keep those foreign aid packages in place? It does not make any sense, neither economically nor with respect to the previous two paragraphs.

To recap, we're dealing with a case in which the accusation is not only false, but a total projection of personal guilt onto someone who they clearly do not understand the worldview of. I for one am very hopeful that people begin to realize this given enough time, but if not, we just have to keep pushing. To those who I will be seeing in Laguna Beach on Sunday, August 20 (which includes the very person that this post is defending), I hope this inspires you enough to look into this more, and please make sure this gets shared in order to set the record straight. Thank you.