28 July, 2017

No, Blocking in Response to Personal Attacks is NOT Being Triggered

In September 2016, I posted (and subsequently updated, numerous times) this infamous post to this blog. Despite it being almost a year old, that post still has a lot of relevance today, so much so that I have to constantly go back to it to correct the record on such. Today, there was just one more example of this on Twitter.

What happened, exactly? Well, a discussion started with a judgmental leftist who had the nerve to call my fellow conservative, fellow philosopher, and virtual neighbor (both of us live in South OC) Mike Cernovich "fake news" because he shared a CBS article about churches being cracked down on. Whoever this leftist was (possibly a bot because it did not have a real name attached to it at all, neither in the @handle nor in the associated name — fake name + fake handle = probably a troll), he, she, or it (if a bot) not only was apparently clueless to the fact that the article was a CBS article (a left wing outlet to boot), NOT an article from Cernovich himself, to begin with, but also was hypocritically spreading fake news about Russia on his or her own profile to boot.

Now, wait a minute, how are Trump's alleged ties with Russia fake news? This Russia story is based on some of the very same fallacies (especially the first one) that I mention in the post that I link to in Paragraph 1. It goes beyond mere fallacies, however, because we also have videos on hidden camera, courtesy of investigative journalist and muckraker James O'Keefe. Producer John Bonifield admitted that the Russia story "is mostly bullshit right now." Anchor Van Jones admitted that it's "just a big nothing burger". Another producer, Jimmy Carr, called all American voters (hasty generalization — also on that list of mine) "stupid as shit," then doubled down on that claim. Ah, but what about Don Jr.? Didn't he have a meeting with a Russian? Yes, with a former Communist lawyer who hates his father and has no political power in Russia whatsoever. Just because someone is Russian does NOT automatically mean that Trump is Putin's puppet — heck, these former Soviets in particular are anti-Putin to boot. This standard of "if you meet with anyone from Russia, you must be a traitor" is one that implicates everyone in government, including leftists themselves, like Nancy Pelosi for example who lied about not meeting with Ambassador Kislyak.

So I called this troll out on the obvious fake news in the previous paragraph and how hypocritical whoever that was for spreading it, and what happens? This troll automatically jumps to the conclusion that I must be triggered. Yes, you heard that correctly. I got called a snowflake simply because I pointed out this LOLworthy double standard. Again, go back to the post that Paragraph 1 links to. What's the number 4 fallacy on that list? A false dichotomy. Yes, that's exactly what this is. This idea of "anyone who calls you out on inconsistency must be a triggered snowflake" is an idea in which two extremes are manufactured and assumed. In reality, there are multiple factors that must be assumed, the least of which is how much time one's opponents have on their hands, and I've got very little on mine. Personal attacks and judgmental language, for the record, are also valid reasons to ignore/block without being triggered, because they are expressions of baseless emotions in themselves. That's at least 5 options, not just two.

So, does anyone else want to troll me? There is clearly an active attempt by leftists to shut me up, but just like with Trump, they're messing with someone who is as persistent as a pit bull and as suffocating as a Burmese python. The more they troll Trump, the more he fights back; the more they troll me, the more I fight back. They have been warned.