18 July, 2017

My Political Journey: From Entitlement to Conservatism

Most people who follow me on Twitter, subscribe to my YouTube channel, follow me on Google+, are subscribed to this blog, and follow me on the most recent social network I joined ― Gab ― definitely know me as an all-around conservative traditionalist, cultural nationalist identitarian, and Christian apologist ideologue, but I wasn't always that way. If you had asked me ten years ago what political positions I have, I would have given you a very different answer.

See, although I have conservative parents, the public schools in California are definitely not friendly towards conservatism. My teachers in middle school and in my early years of high school were all leftists, and although I have been a very devout Christian (and social conservative) since my freshman year of high school (2007-08), my history, civics, and economics textbooks gave me a very biased message as far as partisanship is concerned — among other things, the "big switch" in political party alignments was in both my sophomore and junior year history books, as was the painting of laissez-faire economics in a much darker tone than it is in reality.

As a consequence, although I have always been socially conservative due to my pious Christianity, I left high school being a welfare state supporter who disagreed strongly with his fellow social conservatives on things like climate change (which I have since become much more agnostic/libertarian/open on) and government fiscal policy, even to the point of twisting the New Testament to support this distorted view. Because of this, I made the mistake of voting third party in the 2012 election, which just so happened to be one year after I graduated: even though I agreed with Romney on social issues, I also agreed with Obama on fiscal issues at the time.

So, who changed me on the fiscal issues? Dinesh D'Souza, that's who. I entered the 2016 election cycle, and particularly the primaries, with the same mindset that I had in 2012, but decided to be much more humble and have a much more prayerful attitude about it. My priorities, moreover, had changed at that point: after two years of Sean McDowell and one year of Greg Koukl coming to speak at my church, I began to not care as much about fiscal issues and began to value the social issues much more. It was after the Greg Koukl lecture that I got home and prayed about it, and as soon as I did, a trailer for Dinesh's movie, Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party, came on my TV as a commercial injected into what I was watching. I thought, "Okay, maybe I'll watch it when it comes out this summer."

That's when I became a straight-up conservative in every sense of the word. It was when I watched that movie that I learned not only that the welfare state was doing the exact opposite of what it is pitched as to minority communities, but also that there was a conspiracy by President Lyndon B. Johnson to "have those n*****s voting Democratic for the next 200 years" by giving them "just enough [welfare] to quiet them down; not enough to make a difference." I learned that slavery, Jim Crow, and welfare dependency all came from the same political party, and that they all have the same motive. I also learned, famously, that the big switch is a big lie, as most others who watched that movie did.

Now that it is 2017 and it has been a full year since that movie came out, I could not be more honored to have made the decision that I did and voted for Trump, because it seems to have done a good job. The national debt is down. There are more outsourced, offshored jobs returning back home than ever before. Tax reform is on the table. The Senate is currently set to vote on repealing and replacing Obamacare. Businesses are hiring again. Although groups like Antifa still continue their ugly rants, they are slowly dwindling in numbers as more and more of them get arrested and convicted of felonies like vandalism, arson, assault, and battery. I want to see this trend continue, because taking back the jobs, infrastructure, and businesses that we lost to globalism and unchecked immigration under Obama is of utmost importance.