12 February, 2014

VIDEO: Microsoft's Scroogled fraud, exposed

Okay guys, since Microsoft happens to STILL be spreading the lies that Chrome OS is a "brick" when offline, it's time I kick it up a notch. With a video exposing every little bit of functionality that an offline Chromebook has, just to take out that campaign head-on. Here, watch for yourself:

I have had this video on YouTube for quite some time. One thing is certain, however: Microsoft STILL released another ad attacking Chrome OS, even after it was posted. Oh, and if you try and bring Microsoft's lame excuse for a productivity suite into the picture, let's keep in mind that some of this blog's biggest masterpieces -- including essays from English class dubbed over to it, like this one -- were typed up and submitted, as A+ papers, according to college professors, using not Microsoft Office but Google's productivity tools, which happen to be baked right into Google Drive. And oh yeah, they actually work offline, as this video proves... As for opening Microsoft Office files, that's what QuickOffice is for.