01 October, 2013

Thought World War III was bad? How does a Civil War II sound?!

I don't know if anyone else realized this, but right now, it's actually been 150 years and 3 months since the American Civil War's turning point. Stuff like 9/11 and the resulting retaliatory wars have started occurring since then, and, well, we're just getting started.

The Democrats are quickly becoming Marxists, and the Republicans are quickly becoming kleptocrats. Back in the 1960's, the United States and Soviet Union feared that a possible nuclear World War III could take place. Well how does a Civil War II sound? There's already Cold War-like tensions leading up to one, and it can cause absolute terror if we don't act fast.

Well, I may be exaggerating slightly, but if history alone has anything to tell us about this increasing polarization among the political parties of this nation, it's that there was similar polarization back in the 1860's, right when Lincoln became President and our nation entered a brutal and bloody civil war that would last for years. We all know how that turned out.

One reason why I voted for Gary Johnson instead of Obama or Romney in the 2012 election is because of just that: unlike Obama, being an ultra-liberal sexual sin-promoter, and Romney, being an ultra-conservative financial sin-promoter, Johnson actually did have bits of both. That, of course, would actually have made Johnson a good leader for taking this nation into the 21st century and freeing it from the grip of the bipartisan extremism that's pulling this nation apart.

But alas, Obama ended up re-elected, and in January of this year, predominantly conservative states threatened to do the unthinkable: secede once again. Say what? I knew this was coming. I knew the minute I logged into Google+ and spotted that "#Secession" hashtag in the trending box that what this nation was about to turn itself into was indeed happening. Then again, Obama responded with an executive order banning any state having seceded from having state status for all eternity, which of course calmed them down quite a bit. But it wasn't over yet.

The debate still continues. The Tea Party and the billionaire wealth-addicts that make it up are adding to the polarized influence of the Republicans, while groups like the CPUSA (!), organized labor, and abortion/LGBT rights activists are adding to the polarized influence of the Democrats, all resulting in tension that could lead to chaos if it snaps. It all of course had yet another crippling outcome.

Today, October 1, 2013, the government has undergone a mass furlough for the first time since 1995-96 in an attempt to make a point about budget, with agencies like the national park service, NASA, and others just as vital to our culture and society being completely shut down to protest a clear result of this increasing partisan extremism in our society: the inability to agree on a budget plan.

Well, this is it, my friends. If we don't act fast, this cold civil war could quickly turn hot. That's why there needs to definitely be some sort of evangelistic in-between party that spreads love instead of hate. If we don't act fast, instead of being in a future with silicon or graphene powering everything we own, we'd be in one where lead and gunpowder are packed into all our vehicles and bullets would be flying at us from all directions while we try to accomplish simple mundane tasks.