23 April, 2013

Proof that the RULET suit is baseless...

Ever wonder what it's like to have a school with a home football field that's so out of date that no more than 100 people can sit at it? Ever wonder what it's like to have residents complain to a city, sue a school district, and go to extremes just to kick you off your home field? That's exactly what happened to my alma mater, and as we all know, it's definitely one thing that needs to change. The last thing we El Toro alumni (and even current students) need is people fueling a bitter rivalry that all started over a lack of a home field to begin with.

Mission's football field, as one can see on the map below, is surrounded on at least 2 sides by houses. And yet the people who live in them don't complain about noise or traffic:

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As you can clearly see, those people that live on Montarez sure don't complain, do they? Turquesa? Not a chance. Estanciero? Ha! They could care less if there's any noise or traffic resulting from football games. Cortina? The list goes on and on.

What about Trabuco's? Again, see below:

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Those people that live on Pinavete sure don't complain, do they? Nor do the ones who live on Genil complain! Aguilar? Based on the reasoning about traffic and noise being the two impediments to peace that the RULET group is giving in their formal complaint with the Orange County Superior Court, those people who live on Aguilar especially, since Mustang Run (which is LOADED with both Trabuco AND El Toro game traffic) actually curves and becomes Aguilar, should have every right to complain.

What about Saddleback College in all its sports glory, not to mention loads of traffic and people who (unlike high-schoolers) smoke cigarettes en masse? Again, take a look:

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What we have here is even more evidence against the stadium plans opposition in the form of two residential hotspots on the map. First, we have Las Tunas Dr, which is feet from the football field, prone to insane amounts of field noise, and also prone to, what else? Ambient light from the lamps that light up parking lots 1 and 1A that you see on the map -- another serious complaint point.

Secondly, if you scroll to the left and up a little bit (or zoom out, whichever floats your boat), you'll find an apartment complex -- which is packed with even more residents than a single-family tract -- right across College Drive from Lots 9 and 10, which get insane amounts of traffic since they happen to be the main lots for the SM and LRC (library) buildings, two of the busiest classroom centers on campus. Not to mention that the complex is surrounded on three sides not only by College Drive -- which itself gets loads of traffic and noise from student drivers that is enough to make any senior citizen scream -- but also by two main campus entrances laden with not only traffic from student drivers but also from OCTA buses serving four routes that happen to all cross paths right on campus at the northernmost of those campus entrances in question. So like those that live on Aguilar, those that live on Las Tunas and in that apartment complex also have every right to complain.

But they don't, why? Because the high school kids have just as much right to a stadium that those residents have to a quiet neighborhood!

So what makes El Toro any different? Take a look:

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Exactly. Those that live on Montarez have just as much of a right to sue the school district as those who live on Killy do, based on the light/noise argument. And those that live on Aguilar, God forbid, have just as much (if not more) of a right to sue the school district based on the traffic argument that those who live on Silver Spur do. And those who live on Las Tunas and in that apartment complex which happens to be surrounded on all sides by Saddleback College have the right to complain about all of the above -- traffic, noise, ambient light, you name it.

So please tell me if this is justified:

Yeah, exactly. People seem to think they are entitled to a right to an environment of peace. Huh? This isn't peace, this is war! They're only fueling the ET-TH rivalry and being not only unfair to the El Toro students but also unfair to the residents who live on such streets as Aguilar (in fact, they're actually making THAT situation worse) and Montarez that also have to endure football field lights and noise as impediments to the peace. This is not just evil, this is plain stupid, baseless, and unfair.